Precious Ruins

I have never been to Venice, but Salamanca is a little like I imagine Venice might be. A grand initial impression. As you are able to take in details, you began to see the things that come with familiarity. This is a town rich in heritage. Some of it crumbling as daily life goes on … Continue reading Precious Ruins


Every steeple I have seen in Spain so far has had resident storks. Look closely. Some have more than others. A whole phalanx. As I take these pictures, I find that many of them are similar. If I consider why, what eventually interests me becomes a little clearer.  Storks use their nests for many years … Continue reading Storks

David from Salamanca

The streets are pretty uniformly fronted by 3-8 story buildings. Blocks are alternately dense with the housing of humanity or with plazas or pocket parks – also packed with humanity. The space behind the buildings is more random but no less fascinating – or functional. There are windows and walls and balconies and little outdoor … Continue reading David from Salamanca

And We’re Off!

Let’s refer to this blog as a diary. I will use it to jot down some ideas and impressions as they occur during our Spanish Adventure and post some photos of moments too precious to leave to the chance of aging brains.  For those interested in following along, I hope it will be readable and … Continue reading And We’re Off!