Editing as I went, I ended with some 2300 pictures of our trip to Spain (and the UK). We are back in Austin, in new digs, and I have posted a short slide show of our time in Spain on DropBox. You will find the link below. DropBox You should not have to “download” … Continue reading Coda

The Meter is Not Running

After going to see Stonehenge this misty morning we had lunch in the village and ran a few errands. At home in Burcombe, we settled in wordlessly – both picking up recently started books. She is reading “The Girl on the Train” and I am reading “Personal”. Both books seem to be picking up steam … Continue reading The Meter is Not Running

Kids in Barça

June 27, 2015 Ben and his family just touched down in Austin after their visit to Barcelona. We are glad they are safe and we are exhausted. I had forgotten just how much work it is having a young family. There is a lot to care for – kids, spouses, parents. And…it is constant. We are grateful … Continue reading Kids in Barça


In our research we read that there was more than the normal affinity between some areas of Spain and Texas. More than one area of Spain feels about the Spanish government the way some of our more truculent fellow Texans feel about The U.S. Gubment. Oookaaay. The “senyera” of the four provinces that make up … Continue reading Independence


The anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo has come and gone. So has our chance to stay in Spain for the full length of our travels. We lost both the Bureaucratic Battle and the Visa War; we will head out of the Schengen countries and over to the UK in mid/late July. We always knew … Continue reading Waterloo


June 10, 2015 We are back at our “home” in Granada after a short side-trip to Còrdoba. Helen has finished polishing the triad dealing with our experiences there and they are still on my mind. We ate lunch earlier in the day around the corner at Plaza San Nicholas. It is a touristy hot-spot and it was … Continue reading Home

More Corpus

The celebration of Corpus Christi ended Sunday morning with a parade down the Gran Via.  We did not know of this event ahead of time (our personal Corpus Christi story) but we could hear the marching band music and cheering of the viewers from the many blocks away where we live. Here are a few … Continue reading More Corpus